Prophecy & Judgement

by Gatekeeper

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North Wolves 09:19
Behold, the vast swan-road path of war vinland's trail I don't fear the cold grip of death at sea, nor land nor the battlefield I feel the cold breath on these shores that we claim the dead grow cold we reign We are the bane of the “lord God” and his cross Hail to the North Wolves of the sea and Fjord Awashed on the sands Amidst grappling waves and tides tremble in the face of iron rage and old gods (solo- Justin/Jeff)
Soft sings the wind Voice of the shore Murmuring tides Chorus of the north Land of our birth, god seed Ship striking waves sails cleave the sky foreboding banner fate comes to life mailclad hordes spell the doom of all we once knew From rockiest shore, on shining seas, astride vengeful the swords at guarded havens wide battle mists painting fields red for seer and kin unjustly wed Cold forest fettered exiled kin Wild, the huntress death lies within Nine to the wolves, in vain yet a hero reminas Bitter love, under stone bred from vengeance, son of son caverns dark, fearless ford wield the blade that Odin made under the stars (solo - Justin) Dreadful the deeds of wolfskin encloaked flames of revenge by father are stoked ember of rage hath wrought the death of an age
Swan Road Saga Here and now, we make our stand against the wind, toward new sand through misty fens I retrace my step to find hall of ages amiss white crown-ed waves, lapping the shore on sands of the west, we shall wage our war dragonships cleaving the seas they bestride valiant Geat, King of the tides O, son of Ecgtheow Champion for Danes cross the vast waters to slay the beast grasp your sword defend our hall alone you stand glorious hero of lore (solo- Justin) Grieving the lost, battle-brave thanes hewn by the claw, lives lost in vain boldness in heart, steel in hand quench thirst for blood of this land Fiery eyes gleam up from the moor at fates command, ye weild the sword harpstrings have sung the legend and lay Eons untold shall recall this day The claw of woe, by bare hands torn symbol of hope, sheer might of man hero born of distant land with might of Oak, iron grip his hand
The Centre of Terra, Serpentine guard Eternal fire, a sybil hath burned Zenith of Pillars, columned abode Threshold primordial, oracular score (solo, Justin) Climbing step to the temple, stone precipice seeking the wisdom, for Hellenic war Fell depths in catacombes chasm finds maddened throes prophesized phantasm slayer of pythons' whim Prophecy! And Judgement Spelling Doom and great war Against Perisian hordes Locked in Trust, Apollo's word Purified by Castalian waters Precinct of Gods Dragon's Corpse, under strength of Hyperion Rot! “First, sacrifice to the warriors who once had their home in this land “Laid in the tombs of the heroes with their faces turned to the sunset” (solo- Jeff) “Sure thy feet proud Sparta, take care A lame king's reign sees thou trip, beware Troubles unlooked shall vex thy shore And rolling time, his tide of carnage pour”


Debut EP, released on CD by Aforja Productions and LP by Deathrider Records


released April 28, 2013

Shorre McColman, Voice
Justin Song, Lead Guitar, Chorus
Jeff Black, Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Chorus
Tyson Travnik, Battery
Leillyn McColman, Bass Guitar, Chorus


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Gatekeeper Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada's premier epic heavy metal band.

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