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East of Sun

by Gatekeeper

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    Epic Heavy Metal on compact disc. Released by Cruz Del Sur Music, Italy.

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Gatefold, insert, A2 poster, download card

    Includes unlimited streaming of East of Sun via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Epic Heavy Metal on wax. Released by Cruz Del Sur Music.
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Seraphim ryde in a Radiant chaine in the Light of the Moon Omens and Heralds Sing songs of Destruction And Doom… Caravan of desecration With carnal and Blaque Magick sins Snake-worshippers Under spell of the charm Do not know of the danger they’re in When the Blade of Cimmeria Drinks the life from their veins Of Cimmeria Were the Warriors that came High on the Lotus so they didn’t notice The SLICE of the Blade of Cimmeria (solo – Kroecher) Mangling Bodies with Stone-faced indifference Our life and our Code Treasures unbound Flowing out like a fountain Fills each hand with Gold Terror and Vio-lence like Squeezing out wine And preparing a feast There surely will be one Considering all of the Booty we handily seized With the Blade of Cimmeria Breaching the Gate As the Steele starts to Cleave Searing Flesh, steaming Blood Like berserkers, we feed Feed on the bloodshed Feast on the corpse CUT OFF YOUR OWN HEAD TO ESCAPE OUR WRATH
I’VE SLAYED THE KING Brought down all his armaments Everything Is MINE! Divined by the RITE Of the GODS So pray that it Won’t be long til WALPURGIS NIGHT Wailing will not end The TURMOIL OV THE STARS Guiding them, the mob It swells, dissatisfied With rapier blades And torchlight dim they ride Unfettered by the guard and pushing hard The time is nigh… We shall not face their Reckoning of Malice, Hate and Wrath Rush to the Front And we will raise The Warning sign It won’t be long, til…. EXCITED, THEE? WHENCEFORTH I CHALLENGE THEE PREDATE DOMINANT YOUR DIRE CIRCUMSTANCE TAKING THE THRONE IN VAIN I ACT ALONE MANIACALLY I’M IN FOR THE KILL I rule cold and alone The forest still my throne My warpaint never runs In lay of Battle I recoil in “revenance” To the sight I fell to behold All at once I am changed A god-king reborn And at long last, We burn and forsake the past The sky never looked so foreboding But the tale, must be told on and on But the tale still bids to be told Awash from the sands Amidst the grappling waves And tides… Tremble in the face Of Iron Rage And the Olde Gods (solo – Kroecher)
Storming with Malice and Hatred Driving their squad to the sea None to atone for by reaching our goal And devouring all of their fleet Call it Old Madness Call it the Animal, Wild Neither prey not victim Will heed from their cry Warrior Without Fear To another long battle To the snowy peaks, prepared Our rations and our Ale Feast and Combat, marry well As we dine Our hell is in our Steele That Shines HOLD UP HOLD UP YOUR ARMS WARRIOR WITHOUT FEAR DRIVE DOWN DRIVE DOWN THE NAILS WARRIOR WITHOUT FEAR Somehow we took advantage Their force in high ground fell Our numbers strong but Stronger bloodlust still Strike down deep in Instinct It must be satisfied Succumb to hatred Wield the sword of Damocles Storming with Malice and Hatred Scorching the proud mountain face Maniacally raging and bludgeoning All of their forces into human waste Storming with Malice and Hatred Satisfied with all our spoils Scrolls of illusion and gemstones enchanted Will aid in our forthcoming conquest (solo - Kroecher) Storming with Malice and Hatred Possessing and reaping our foes Under command of the Forces Unseen Power, lust from beyond Storming with Malice and Hatred NO! WE WILL NEVER RELENT Each generation will learn and then Taste of the blood of the Warryor within
Kneeling amongst a thousand corpses, Reeling atop a sanguine precipice Redivivus Engulf me Within the circle Revive me Heal all of my wounds Enraptured by their grace… I crawl. Down like a ravenous dog Starved and beaten raw Elegant muses sake my soul BLINDED BY THEIR LIGHT EONS MAGICK RITE CAUGHT WITHIN THEIR STARE GRACE SO WARM AND FAIR NINEFOLD MUSE Heal my life And protect me in light AND THERE I AM FROM DEATH, AND BACK AGAIN ETHEREAL BEAUTY THROUGH THESE BRAND NEW EYES And do not fear It all will become clear Purified there Deep inside there I rejoin my kin And I will remember All of their godlike powers On this nite Within my grasp A piece of veil in hand So I may call upon them All my life Renew my eyes And give me brand new life (1st solo – Blackwell, 2nd solo - Kroecher)
Clutched deep within a callous soul The dust of kings without a throne Torn from the plains for which they fought Nemedian dogs shall burn! Bloodstained jewel heart of all Under lion standard sheathed in gold Pythonian crypts of ancient lore Bring down the cliffs on their foes HEROES PYRE AT THE CASTLE SPIRE WHILE A SOLEMN BELFY TOLLS SHE CRIES IN VAIN AT HER KINGDOM’S PAIN AS THE LION’S HEART IS TORN AWAY THE TOLLING BELL OF TARANTIA SHE CRIED FOR HER FALLEN KING Traitor puppet roams the keep Eastern dragons desecrate city streets Silent servants stalk the hall Serpentine lust unbound
East of Sun 04:27
A tale of wanderer Of a mystery sacred Power from beyond A cry for glory And a memory tainted With the time LOOKOUT! FACING… with the hydra heads They come Betwixt in spawn Hellenic dawn Mercy, all the people cry Unto death’s door Pulling out the floor It’s alright, hold it down They’re empty, the cradle and the jar You see through, it can’t be It’s where you are Maybe it’s true But what they say Is simply not what they do Come dare my pain Each year that it takes from me I can deliver I will strike by Blade… Crossing into fiery paths Devils and dust return Upon the field we all burn Elysium waits with open arms A trivial dust of fate Upon this plain Myths of Glory Takes the minds of the molded kind Human folly Grapes of siege on a stolen vine Twist the fable Into your own peace of mind (solo - Kroecher)
Here and now we make our stand Against the wind, toward new sand Through misty fens I retrace my steps To find the hall of ages amiss White crowned waves lapping the shore On sands of the west we shall wage our war Dragonships cleaving the seas they bestride Valiant Geat, King of the Tides O, Son of Ecgtheow, Champion for Danes Cross the vast water, to slay the beast Grasp your sword, Defend your hall Alone you stand, Glorious hero of lore (solo - Kroecher) Grieving the lost battle brave thanes Hewn by the claw, lives lost in vain Boldness in heart, steele in hand Quenching the thirst for blood of this land Fiery eyes gleam up from the moor At fate’s command, they wield the sword Harp strings have sung, the legend and lay Eons untold, shall recall this day The claw of woe by bare hands torn Symbol of hope, sheer might of man Hero born from distant land With might of oak iron grip, his hand
Oncoming Ice 08:34
The freezing moon will give no solace In Hecatomb, Lucifer drove us still His open claw, a gesture so inviting As we benighted all the world, and turns our heads All we know is but the ice The Oncoming Ice All that we despise And all that we love Farewell to the plains Farewell to the brooks and the valleys Farewell to all that we forsook and took so for granted Farewell to the seas Farewell to the mountains and fields Farewell to all that we forsook and murdered and vanquished These freezing tides Come at just the right time All we know is but the ice Hark well, Hark well to the direst warning Heed well all these words There’s no more that need to be spoken Hark well, or all will perish now PERISH NOW Who’s to say, when it should happen? Who’s to say, what shall be done? THE FROST GIANTS have awoken Their peaceful sleep disturbed THE FROST GIANTS, they have spoken Their peace shall be our death The tundra consumes the sea Not much more time til you and me The tundra, engulfs all life Time to die, no life, no flame, no light Nothing can change. (1st solo – Kroecher, 2nd solo – Blackwell)


released April 27, 2018


all rights reserved



Gatekeeper Vancouver, British Columbia

Epic Heavy Metal.
From Western Shores.

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